Thursday, May 16, 2013

14th week of restoration.

In the 14th week the WAAM held its second Saturday open house .  The month featured the military planes and vehicles.
The restoration continued and visitors got a glimpse of the crew in action.

The wing fabric was installed on the tail and rudder.

The leading edge of the center wing had a thin sheet of plywood which was rotted and needed replacement.  This needed to be bent and wrapped around the ribs.  In order to get this accomplished the wood had to be soaked and strapped on the wing.

The engine stand and landing gear parts are a combination of steel tubing and wood.   These parts were laid out and reassembled .   This was tricky in that many parts looked alike.  It was like putting together a giant erector set.

soaking the leading edge and bending the plywood.

tail section in new cloth .

Metal end cap on leading edge before plywood covering.

Rear stabilizer in new cloth.

Setting out metal tubing and wooden parts for engine stand.

reference pictures for engine stand.

Studying the parts.  What a jig saw puzzle.
Fortunately we had good labeling system and many good original photos to work from.

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