Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last minute touches

Saturday was the fly in.  The Curtis pusher is almost ready.   Its not going to fly today we still need more wires for control features but we plan to start the engine for the crowd.
The volunteers are all over the air plane for at least 4 hours before the debut.
Men are working on creating wires to hold the tail section.
The fuel lines are attached and the carborator is primed.  Others fastening tiny screws to hold a rubber
 gasket between the wings.
This was a very enjoyable experience to work with such a capable group.
Wires are created for the tail section.

Safety pins are installed in castle nuts.

Kelly fastens tiny screws to the rubber gasket.

A spool of wire lies on the wing.

The fuel line is installed.

The carb is primed.

The second tank arrives.

The engine is about to be proped.

the engine runs.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

installing the ailerons

Today we installed the ailerons.  This ended up being a tricky job.  They are suspended by two pins through a bracket on the wing struts.  Jay designed and built these little wings for the pusher using old photos of the original plane.  It took several men to get the bolts to fit.  we also had to drill out the holes and then carefully place a castle nut on the ends.  One more week left.
Kelly drills out the holes on the aileron.

A drill is used on the inner bracket.

Two men hold the aileron in place.

But it takes more hands and eyes to guide the pins in place.

Bill tightens water hoses before the radiator is tested.