Sunday, July 21, 2013

22nd week wheels on the ground

Time is starting to close in.  September is only 6 weeks away.  This weekend we focused on getting the landing gear and wheels back on the wing.
It only took a couple of days to disassemble this airplane but putting it back together is like working on an erector set with limited pictures.
The front wheel and rear braces were attached but were not meeting the holes in the engine stand.  To solve this problem the seat was removed.  this gave some ease to the brackets but then the lower brackets kept torquing and twisting the frame.
Similar problems were encountered in attaching the rear wheels.
This is the rear wheel after attachment.

To attach the wheels weight was added to frame to align the the axels.

The tire is being lined up with the axel but care is taken not ruin the threads
At the top you can see the seat is removed yet the oak boards are several inches short of  the engine stand brackets.

It takes several hands to align the seat to the bolts.

It still a struggle to get the bolts lined up.

The brackets are taken off and re-set 

Dan takes a seat .

Doug finds the new seat rewarding.

21st week

The 21 st week was a busy week for the museum in that they hosted the second Cruize in for cars that  weekend.   Many volunteers were helping in the parking of cars and other activities.  Work on the pusher mainly focus on putting the landing gear struts back  on to the wing.
This is the engine stand being fastened to the lower wing.  It will support a V-8 engine.

Here we see one of the newest airplane to the museum a 1928 Waco.

Here you see the v brackets that attach to the wing and form the landing gear.

There are over 100 various brackets and small pieces that have to be reassembled.

This is a view of the fabulous hot rods and custom cars assembled out side the hangers.

The only way to figure out where things go is to refer to the photos taken before the air plane was disassembled.