Saturday, April 6, 2013

week 5and 6 Sanding Continues

The original Curtis pusher had a frame made out of bamboo.  this plane was contructed later in the 20's and 30's by Billy Parker and has been modified to with stand many crashes in films of the period .
One of the modifications was to create a frame work from steel tubing.  The other was to use modified wings from the Curtis Jenny.  In this post we are dealing with the frame.
Many of the frame parts were rusted with years of paint applied.  The same was true for the tail structure.  The crew has to remove this paint and rust using sand blasting for small parts andpolishing with wire wheels.  you can see how tedious this work was.
After the paint was removed the parts were primed and then painted.
Tail section being cleaned for primer.
Cleaning the tail with a wire wheel on a grinder.
Metal parts before and after cleaning.
Cleaning the large parts with a wire wheel on a bench grinder.

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