Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 7 and 8

During week 7 and 8 the volunteers continue to work on Curtis Pusher.
There are several groups working in different areas.  One group continues to clean up frame parts.  Soon they will be primed and painted.
Another group is working on the restoration of the lower center wing.  This wing supports the landing gear and the V-8 motor.  Several of the ribs in the leading edge required replacement due to rot.
The ends caps of the wings were warped and required rebuilding .  The crew had to reconstruct the pieces carefully to maintain the original airfoil.
Antoher crew has been working for several weeks on the seat.  A new seat is being built out of wood and will soon be assembled.
Still anothe r group is working in brass recreating hold down for the keel and landing gear .
All this work is very interesting with a high learning curve.
Rotted wood on end plate.
Polished metal of frame .
Brass being folded and formed for keel landing gear.
Fitting new wood.
Disassembling the tubular frame.

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