Saturday, August 24, 2013

painting the ailerons and tieing up loose ends

Today the pusher crew worked on various item s in the final two weeks before the fly in.
i worked under the wing securing nuts and bolts with small cotter pins.
Kelly worked at drilling small hole in the bolts attaching the new steering wheel.  Jay and Doug worked on sanding and preping the ailerons for paint.
The radiator was finally installed and new fittings were made from copper pipe.  Two more weeks left till the fly in.
Here you see the tiny cotter pin being fitted as a safety for the engine stand bolts.

The new  steering wheel is fitted in a vice . 

Jay and Doug wet sand the aileron.

The radiator is installed behind the pilot.

New bushings are installed by Tim to true up the wings.

Kelly drills out the bolts for the cotter pins.

Dan attachs pins and bolts underneath the wing.

The ailerons are painted the same color as the wings.

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