Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Engine arrives

During the past two weeks I was on a vacation with my wife Peggy so iwas unable to help on the Pusher.
During this time a fresh OX -5 engine arrived from our restoration expert in California.  This engine was installed the middle wing and struts and top wing were put in place.  The leading edge struts are slightly shorter than the trailing edge struts.  The weight of this v-8 engine caused  a problem in installing the brace wires.
Eventually we were able to get them connected.  The next step was to attach the booms to the top and bottom struts.  In order to attach these tubes a bolt a nut had to be inserted with out tearing the wing fabric.  Eventually this was done.  Lastly it was discovered that in order to attach the booms to the rear stabilizer a tab needed to be turned around pushed through the fabric.
Here you see the pusher with pilot seat center wing and engine in place.

Here we are adjusting the front wheel.

Here we are attaching the wires.

The V-8 Ox -5 engine.

Tail booms attached to the wings.

supporting the booms and waiting for the rear stabilizer.

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