Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Engine dismantling

Last week on a Tuesday I drove from Portland to Hood river to help in the dismantling of the OX-5 engine.  I met Bill at the museum and the two of walked out to H-1.   When we entered the hanger the engine was on the engine stand and the hanger felt like a refrigerator.  Bill is an expert in aviation engines and my experience lies in antique car engines so i followed his lead.  The first step was to remove the rocker arm assembly.  That was interesting in that they were connected by a water jacket pipe. One valve was actuated by a pulling push rod while the other valve was opened by a pushing rod.
Next the intake manifold and exhaust manifolds were removed.   Our objective was to check the cylinders for wear.
Finally the number one cylinder was removed and Bill used a device to check the trueness off the cylinder and the amount of wear it had.  The cylinders looked good.
Rocker arm assembly.
Rocer arms being removed.
Pulling the cylinders w/o intake manifolds.
Next up was to remove the oil pan and oil pump   to check the rod and main bearings for wear.

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