Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Removing the wings and fabric

Two weeks ago I worked with a group of volunteers in removing the fabric and wings of the center section.
The fabric is a cotton material which is sewn on to the ribs of the wing.   To remove it we slit the trailing and leading edges of the wing then the threads were cut on the ribs .  We wanted to remove as much material as possible in strips.  It is the plan of the group to preserve this material and later sell it as a fund raiser and with a framed picture of the restored air craft.   You can see the wires inside the wings that support the ribs and leading edges of the wing.
Also note how many wires cross in between the struts.  The frame and tail section are held togehter by the tension created by these wires.
Lower wing with fabric intack.
Note the internal wires that support the wing.
The total weight of the plane was about 800lbs.  400 lbs was the weight of the engine.

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