Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pushing the Curtis Pusher

Side view of OX-5 water cooled engine.
Pushing the mid section into the hanger.

Distant view of new Jenny wings  and Curtis Pusher mid section in front H-1
Three weeks ago I traveled to Hood river Oregon to the Western Antique Auto and Airplane Museum to volunteer in the restoration of a vintage Curtis Bi plane.  The airplane was originally built by an aviator named Billy Parker.  It was later purchased and modified by Hollywood stunt pilot Paul Muntz. The airplane was donated to the museum last year and its the goal of the group to get restored and flying by September of 2013.
Today in a official cermony volunteers pushed the airplane into hanger 1 .
The wings have been restored and are wings form a Curtis Jenny WW1 trainer.  The original wings did not have individual ribs.  Its interesting to notice how the interior of the wings are supported with wires and tension through brass turn buckles.
The engine is an OX - 5   V-8 engine used mainly on the Curtis Jenny.  Notice how theengine sits directly behind the pilot.    Notice also the engine is water cooled and has a large radiator behind the pilots head.
The propeller is a pusher type and is directly attached to the engine.

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