Friday, June 21, 2013

17th work week

This week progress on the Pusher advanced into the mounting of wheels on to the landing gear.  There was also great progress made in the area of fabric application.   A expert in the area antique airplane restoration came up to Hood river and taught some of the art of fabric application on wooden wings.
The fabric a modern polyblend is hand stiched to the ribs on the wings.
Later is is sprayed with an aluminum paint and a final coat of dope.  The colors for the wings is a beige color.
The tail is a bright orange.
This is the Jenny wing before fabric.

This is the V shaped landing gear with the new front wheel mounted.

Here you see the finished wing covered in fabric and painted.   Note the stiches on each rib.

The middle wing wing had a lot rotted wood.  New ribs had to made and glued in place.

More ribs are made and glued in place.  They will be covered in plywood then fabric.

The restored tail is hanging in the paint booth with fresh red paint.

These are the original wooden wing struts.  They have been stipped and cleaned . Next step is fresh varnish.

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