Monday, June 24, 2013

20th week

This weekend the pusher crew worked in several areas.  The top middle wing, the seat, and the engine stand.
The middle wing is the last peice to be restored in fabric.  This weekend we worked to reattach the wing brackets the hold the outer wings to the main fuselage.  This was an interesting  problem .   The debate as to which position the brackets should in adition to what type of bolt would best work in fastening the bracket took at least an hour to achieve.
While several members struggled with the others worked on finishing the pilots eat and reassembling the motor stand to the middle wing.  This stand has been rebuilt and should easily support the OX-5   V-8 motor.
Crew examining the wing bracket.

Discussion as to what position the bracket should go.

Internal support wires need to be tight

This is a bracket the hold the fuel tank to the wing.

Here we attaching the fuel tank bracket.

The seat bracket is bolted to the new wooden seat.

Its amazing that the pilots sits on this simple wooden seat as he flies this airplane.

Here you see the motor stand being attached to the lower wing.  This will support a 400lb V-8 engine.

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