Friday, June 21, 2013

18th week Assembling a 1928 bi plane

This weekend many of the volunteers helped in the assembly of a 1928 Command Aire.
This airplane is in incredible shape.  The engine is the same engine that we will use on the Pusher.  It is a OX-5 v-8 that was built to power the Curtis Jenny.  It has about 90 HP with an open valve train and water cooled.
The Command Aire was transported in a u haul truck from the mid west.  The landing gear had to be reattached then the lower wings were bolted to the fuselage.
The tricky part was the top wing.  We had to use the fork lift and many hands to line up the struts and wires.
Its amazing to think in the 1920's these planes were assembled by hand using just block and tackle.
Attaching the wheels.

Lining up the landing gear struts.

Lower wings and wheels attached.

Moving the top wing.

The OX-5 engine.

Wing struts.

Moving the top wing.

Top wing and first strut.

Lining up the the pins in the struts to the wings.

It takes many hands to reassemble this top wing.

attaching the wing struts.

Moving the second wing.

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