Friday, June 21, 2013

19th week Moving the Boeing 40 and more fabric application

This week the volunteers helped the Museum move one its key airplanes a 1927 Boeing 40 mail plane.
This airplane crashed in the Mountains of eastern Oregon .  The plane was recovered in the late 1980's and a complete restoration was done .  This Friday the airplane will fly to Washington for air show.  Many airplanes were moved out of the hanger including a 1900's Steam powered tractor. 
Following the movement of the Boeing 40 we worked on the last wing of the pusher.  This involved cutting and gluing fabric tape to reinforce the areas of the leading and trailing edges.
The Boeing 40 the pilot is exposed to the elements and the two passengers sit inside the fuselage.

The two doors are open for the passengers.

We had to move the 1900 steam tractor.

The Baker electric had to be jacked up and moved by hand.

Rollers were placed under the wheels of the curtis robin to move the wings.

The steam engine in its new space.

Cutting tape for the leading edge.

Stitching the fabric to the ribs.

Applying glue to the tape.

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